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Planting trees is a concrete deed for the environment. But trees also need care that they survive and grow, like us in our friendships. World needs peace now more than ever. With tree planting and care, we work together towards a more green, peaceful and sustainable world. 

Schools and organisations from over 60 countries have already joined Plant And Care For Peace. 

We cannot close our eyes from war. In Europe, Ukraine is fighting for its freedom, people die and are fleeing from their homes. People are also suffering from violence everywhere.  They all need help. You can help them through donations. It’s a small thing but you make a difference. Never lose hope. Never give up.

This tree is a symbol for us. Firstly, it reminds us of nature and the importance of climate and environmental protection. Secondly, it symbolizes our co-operation between people around the world. Thirdly, tree planting is to nurture nature, like we need to nurture our relationships. 


Together we stand for unity
we grow trees in harmony
when the hatred and confusion’s everywhere
We need to build bridges more and more
Even some try to burn them all
We’re all different yet we’re all the same

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