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About us

What is Plant and Care for Peace?

Plant and Care for Peace unites individuals and communities worldwide in planting trees to foster environmental sustainability and peace, using nature as a catalyst for global unity and positive change.

We are  a global initiative dedicated to fostering peace and environmental sustainability through the simple, yet profound act of planting trees. Founded on the belief that every tree planted is not only a step towards a more peaceful and greener planet but also a powerful tool for bringing people together to contemplate and act on these critical issues. Our mission transcends geographical boundaries and cultural differences, uniting people worldwide in a shared commitment to nurture the environment and promote peace. Through community-driven tree planting events, educational programs, and cultural exchanges, we aim to inspire action, cultivate understanding, and encourage collective reflection on the ways we can contribute to a legacy of sustainability and peace for future generations.

Newly Recognized as an Official Association
We are thrilled to share that 'Plant and Care for Peace' has recently been recognized as an official association. This significant achievement amplifies our capacity to advance our mission, broaden our reach, and deepen our engagement with communities worldwide. As an official entity, we are poised to forge stronger partnerships, secure essential resources, and advocate more effectively for environmental stewardship and peace

Our Mission

Empowering Global Unity Through Nature

At the heart of 'Plant and Care for Peace' is a mission that transcends borders and cultures: to unite the world through the simple, yet profound act of planting trees. Our initiative is more than an environmental endeavor; it's a movement to foster peace and understanding across the globe. By integrating tree planting with cultural exchanges and artistic expressions, we not only nurture the planet but also sow the seeds of respect and unity among diverse communities.

Our Network

A Global Consortium for Change

Plant and Care for Peace' is powered by the collective efforts of a vibrant network that spans over 150 countries. Central to our success are the country coordinators—passionate individuals who mobilize communities, schools, NGOs, and organizations towards our shared vision. Their dedication and leadership have propelled 'Plant and Care for Peace' into a global movement with an exponential impact..

The Role of Country Coordinators:
Country coordinators are the backbone of our network, facilitating communication and engaging local participants in our campaigns. They embody the spirit of our mission, translating global objectives into local action that resonates within their communities. Through their leadership, we've seen an exponential increase in participation and impact, making "Plant and Care for Peace" a truly global movement.


Join Our Global Effort:
Our network is ever-expanding, and we welcome more hands and hearts to join us. Whether you're interested in becoming a country coordinator or simply wish to participate in our initiatives, there's a place for you in "Plant and Care for Peace." Discover the organizations and individuals who are part of our journey and learn how you can contribute to a legacy of hope, unity, and sustainability.



Since 2005, I have been a part of this incredible community, dedicated to planting trees for peace. Whether serving as a teacher or coordinating the program, I have been promoting active participation and spreading the message of sustainability. Students and teachers who engage actively in the program not only forge stronger relationships and neighborhood ties but also develop robust leadership skills. This empowers their teams and classes, aids in conflict resolution, enhances communication skills, fosters cooperation, and builds confidence. As this is a global program, it enables participants to see themselves as citizens of the world. Beyond these benefits, our collective efforts contribute to a more sustainable and peaceful world. -  Dulce Pazinato Casarin, teacher, Brasil


I am inspired to take part in environmental activities such as tree planting as they will contribute to stabilizing the global climatic conditions. The current situation in my area requires attention; the temperatures have been extremely high and rains have been erratic which have negatively impacted the food security as well as health of the people thereby compromising peace. This problem requires all people from all parts of the world to work together and fight to reverse this scenario. - Melvin Jnr. Kafue Boys, a pupil, Zambia

I am immensely grateful that the journey I started a decade ago  with my students has blossomed into a widespread movement, embraced by hundreds of schools now part of the movement. Reflecting on the past decade, it's incredibly fulfilling to witness birds, animals, and humans finding comfort beneath the shade of trees we planted years ago. Planting trees for peace not only enriches our planet but also fosters unity and harmony within our communities. 
The impact on students was significant; they shifted from lavish birthday celebrations to gifting trees to nature on their special day. Participating in the Peace Tree campaign, they learned about the peace symbol and actively engaged in creating peace formations.These experiences not only instilled a sense of environmental responsibility but also fostered a deeper understanding of peacebuilding and unity within the student community.
Bushra Anis Naqvi, teacher, Pakistan

Planting trees on International Peace Day is a concrete action that promotes environmental protection and sustainable development. It serves as a symbol of cooperation and peace, bringing people together from around the world towards a common goal and emphasizing the importance of peace and environmental protection. This activity fosters hope, promotes mental well-being, and strengthens community, especially in the midst of conflicts. 
Anne Brunila, Economist, Finland


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