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Register: For new participants to join

You are welcome to join our network any time, Just register your organisation here. 

Please note also that we mainly interact in social media (Twitter, FB, Instagram) with a hashtag #pacfpeace

How To Participate?

Your Six Steps To Make a Difference

Becoming a part of "Plant and Care for Peace" is more than just an action; it's joining a movement dedicated to fostering peace and sustainability through collective effort. Here's a snapshot of how you can contribute to our mission:

1. Engage with Our Guidebook

  • Start your journey by diving into our Guidebook. It's your comprehensive introduction to our values, mission, and the various ways you can get involved.

  • [Download the Guidebook]

2. Register Your Participation

  • Whether you're an individual eager to plant trees or a group looking to make a larger impact, registering helps us connect and coordinate our efforts globally.

  • [Sign Up Now]

3. Plant and Register Trees

  • Join our tree planting initiatives or organize your own. Every tree counts towards our global goal. Use our web app to register your trees and see our collective impact grow on the world map.

  • [Register Your Trees]

4. Express Through Culture And Art

  • Share your vision of peace and sustainability through culture, art, music, poetry, and more. Engage in cultural exchanges that enrich our community and spread our message.

5. Spread the Word

  • Learn our unique hand greeting and share it on social media. Become an ambassador for our cause by sharing your experiences and inspiring others to join.

  • [Learn the Hand Greeting]

6. Stay Updated

  • Keep informed about our latest initiatives, events, and stories of impact by subscribing to our newsletter. Stay connected to our growing community.

  • [Subscribe to Newsletter]

Join Us Today

Every step you take with us plants a seed for a more peaceful and sustainable world. Discover the many ways you can make a difference and become a part of our global community dedicated to change.


Get Involved: Events

Join Our Global Events and Make an Impact

Participation in our events is a cornerstone of the "Plant and Care for Peace" initiative. Each event is an opportunity to contribute to our mission of peace and sustainability. Here's a look at our key events and how you can get involved:

Celebrating 20 Years of Tree Planting in 2024

Mark Your Calendars for Our Special Campaigns:

  • Spring to Early Summer Campaign: From April 22 (Earth Day) to June 5 (World Environment Day), with a focus on biodiversity on May 22 (UN Day for Biodiversity). These dates are pivotal for our initiative, emphasizing our commitment to the environment and biodiversity.

  • Peace and Democracy Campaign: From September 15 (International Day of Democracy) to October 2 (International Day of Non-violence), with a special emphasis on September 21 (International Day of Peace). This period highlights our dedication to peace and unity through tree planting.

The Big Day - September 21, 2024: As we complete a 20-year cycle of tree planting, we invite everyone to join us in a global celebration of peace and environmental action.

Other Significant Tree Planting Days
  • March 21: The International Day of Forests, a day to celebrate and raise awareness of the importance of all types of forests.

  • March 22: World Water Day, underscoring the critical role of trees in maintaining healthy water cycles.

How to Participate in Events:

  • Find an Event Near You:  Whether it's a local tree planting or a global campaign, your participation matters.

  • Organize Your Own Event: We encourage you to take the initiative by organizing a tree planting event in your community. Our Guidebook and resources provide everything you need to get started.

Together, We Grow

Every event is a step towards a greener, more peaceful world. Join us in these global efforts, and let's celebrate the power of community and nature in harmony.

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