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Empower Your Journey with Our Tools


Begin with our Guidebook for a deep dive into our mission and your role in it. It's the essential manual for new and existing participants alike, including practical steps for involvement.

Guide for tree registration

Make your tree planting efforts visible to the world with TreebuddyEarth. This essential guidebook provides detailed instructions on how to showcase your trees and their photos on our global map, underscoring the significance of every contribution.

  • Download: [Guide] (updated 5 April 2024)

Invitation Videos

Explore our mission through engaging videos available in 50 languages, designed to inspire and invite global participation.

Logo Resources

Logo Pack Download: Get all our official logo files and the usage guidelines in one convenient package. Ideal for partners needing comprehensive brand assets.

Logo Usage Guidelines: Just need the guidelines? Download our usage guide to ensure you're representing our brand accurately.

Our Event Banner

Elevate your tree planting events and support our mission with the official "Plant And Care For Peace" banner. This banner is designed to visually communicate our commitment to peace and environmental sustainability.


  • Prominent display of our logo and mission statement.

  • Inspirational imagery that resonates with our cause.

  • Ready-to-print format for easy use at events.

Usage: Ideal for tree planting ceremonies, environmental workshops, and community gatherings. For optimal impact, display in a prominent location accessible to attendees.

For printing, we recommend using sustainable materials to align with our environmental values.


We will update here the essential information about our activities in the most spoken languages soon!

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