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The Opening Of The Celebration Year 28 January

As we approach 28 January, an auspicious date for our network, we eagerly anticipate the launch of our year-long celebration, commemorating two decades of dedication to environmental stewardship and education. This significant year will be inaugurated in Medan, Indonesia, a country that has played a pivotal role in our journey since its early involvement in 2008.

The upcoming launch is more than a commemoration; it is a powerful call to action. Under the leadership of our founder, Mika Vanhanen, and key figures like Kalaimani Supramaniam, our esteemed coordinator in Malaysia, we have built a network that champions environmental advocacy and education.

Kalaimani Supramaniam's vital role in our network’s expansion, particularly in fostering connections across Southeast Asia, has been indispensable. His unwavering commitment and vision have been fundamental in unifying communities under the shared purpose of environmental conservation and peace.

During the launch event in Medan, we will express our gratitude to local leaders like the Mayor of Medan, Muhammad Bobby Afif Nasution, for their support of our environmental initiatives. We will also celebrate the contributions of dedicated educators and environmentalists, including Dewi Sri and Tuty Marmiaty, who have been crucial in our network's activities in Indonesia. The opening ceremony will gather 4000 teachers and students, 500 schools as a part of it!

A key part of our celebration will be remembering the early involvement of SMP Negeri 1 Medan, the first Indonesian school to join our network. This partnership symbolizes the deep-rooted connections and collaborative spirit that are the essence of our global efforts. Education remains our primary focus. Trees act as living classrooms, offering invaluable lessons in ecology, biology, and biodiversity. These natural environments are crucial for instilling a sense of environmental responsibility and nurturing the next generation of planet guardians.

Looking ahead to 28 January and beyond, the launch event in Medan is set to inspire and motivate us, reflecting on past achievements and the potential for even greater global impact. With a network encompassing over 10,000 schools and communities in more than 150 countries, the possibilities for what we can achieve together are boundless.

We warmly invite everyone in our network to participate in this global tree planting event on 28 January. On 28 January, we encourage members worldwide to join our celebration online 28 January. Please send our 'Plant And Care For Peace' greeting with hand gestures in social media with hashtages #plantandcaregreeting #medan . Tanam dan Rawat untuk Perdamaian!

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