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Our global tree planting mission, involving schools and communities, is a significant, grassroots effort for the planet.  As the calendar pages flip, we find ourselves on the cusp of a remarkable milestone: 20 years of nurturing Mother Earth through our tree planting initiatives.

Twenty years ago, 21 Sep  2004, Mika Vanhanen initiated a tree planting day for peace. Now, tree by tree, we've watched that small idea grow into a worldwide movement, all because of our dedicated community of earth-lovers.

In this chapter of our story, we're not just counting trees—we're sowing seeds of peace through each planting. Our goal stretches beyond mere statistics; it's about the schools and communities we've touched, the natural spaces we've revived, and the future custodians of our planet we've motivated. It's about every person who held the belief that their actions matter and united to infuse barren lands with new life.

As we stand at this pivotal moment, we're thrilled to announce a series of meetings and events to commemorate this 20-year journey. These celebrations are not just a look back at our achievements, but a beacon for the future. A clarion call to rally more souls to our cause, to paint our planet green.

We invite everyone to this celebration, to build bridges between nations and communities by contributing to our goal: to plant trees in every country on Earth. Whether you've been with us from the first sapling or have recently joined, your efforts weave into our global forest. Let's come together, exchange stories of hope, and lay the groundwork for another 20 years of growth and connection.

Plant And Care For Peace is an initiative by Mika Vanhanen, TreebuddyEarth Education, in co-operation with Environment Online - ENO and Act Now India




The founder of ENO school network (Environment Online) Mika Vanhanen initiated a tree planting day for peace in 2004, on the international day for peace 21 September. Every year since then, schools in over 150 countries have planted trees for peace. Then Mika founded Treebuddy Earth Education and together with ENO School Network , Act Now India  and other partners they united their forces and call others to join the mission. Plant and care for peace is for groups, communities and organisations, in addition to schools.

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Plant and care for peace is dedicated to a few central causes which we believe are crucial in helping us achieve our goals. As a growing educational movement, we divide our time and efforts so that we can truly invest in each cause. Read on to learn more.



We need peace and environmental protection in every country.


Together we can do more



Ensuring that All Voices are Heard

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