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Plant and care, actions that embody our mission. Welcome to be part of a movement that believes in action—planting trees to nurture the environment, foster unity across cultures, and sow seeds of peace through environmental stewardship, cultural exchange and art. Your journey towards making a tangible difference starts here, with the core day of our tree planting being September 21st, The International Day For Peace.

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Here some info briefly in Finnish.

Grow peace - Plant hope

Together, we cultivate tomorrow

Our Peace Gesture: Unity & Growth

Discover the gesture that lies at the core of our mission, a symbol that transcends boundaries and brings us together in solidarity. This unique gesture, finishing in the form of our logo with cupped hands holding a seedling, where roots form the universal mark of peace, is our way of saying hello and a ceremonial act before and after each tree planting. It embodies our dedication to nurturing peace and environmental stewardship. Watch this video to see how hands from around the world join in this promise of growth and harmony. Let it guide you in becoming part of a movement where every action sows the seeds for a better future

Instructions: How to Join Our Movement
Empower Change, Whether as an Individual or a Group

Your journey with us starts here. Whether you're joining solo or as part of a larger group, every action you take brings us closer to a world of peace and sustainability. Follow these steps to get involved:

1. Start with Our Guidebook
Dive Deeper: Our Guidebook is your first step to understanding our mission, activities, and how you can contribute. It's packed with insights to kickstart your journey with us.
Download the Guidebook

2. Register to Join Our Community
Sign Up: Fill out our online registration form to become a part of our global network. We welcome individuals, groups, organizations, and schools eager to make a difference.
Sign Up Now

3. Plant Trees and Register Your Contribution
Make It Count: Participate in or organize tree planting events. Use our web app to register each tree you plant, contributing to our interactive world map. Witness the collective impact of our network.
For Groups: Group leaders are encouraged to coordinate tree planting activities and register on behalf of their team or organization.
Register Your Trees

4. Engage Through Cultural Exchange and Art
Express and Connect: Share your artistic expressions—art, music, poetry, stories—to voice your commitment to peace and sustainability. Engage in cultural exchanges to connect with diverse communities.

5. Spread the Word as Ambassadors
Amplify Our Message: Learn our unique hand greeting, a symbol of our commitment to peace and environmental care. Share it on social media using #[YourHashtag] to inspire others and spread our vision of unity and hope.
Challenge Others: Encourage your network to learn the gesture and share it, expanding our message of peace and unity across the globe.
Learn the Hand Greeting

6. Stay Informed and Engaged
Subscribe for Updates: Keep up with our initiatives, success stories, and new engagement opportunities by subscribing to our newsletter. Stay connected to our growing community of change-makers.
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Together, We Create a Legacy

Your participation is a vital part of our mission. Every tree planted, every story shared, and every gesture of peace contributes to a sustainable future. Join us, as an individual or a group, and let's build a world where peace and nature thrive together.

About Us: Bridging Peace Through Nature and Culture

Expanding the ENO Legacy with Plant and Care for Peace

"Plant and Care for Peace" extends the impactful journey started by Mika Vanhanen and the ENO (Environment Online) school network. With a remarkable foundation of over 30 million trees planted by more than 10,000 schools across 150 countries, we're broadening the scope to embrace a wider community committed to environmental and peace-building efforts.


This initiative enriches ENO's vision by integrating cultural exchange and artistic expressions with our environmental actions, recognizing them as powerful tools for peace. Through tree planting, community engagement, cultural exchanges, and artistic endeavors, we aim to cultivate a sense of unity and sustainable peace worldwide.

In collaboration with Act Now India  and other global partners, we're dedicated to deepening our collective impact. Our mission is to connect diverse communities, celebrating our shared humanity and the planet we call home.

We invite you to join this expanded mission. Your involvement is crucial as we grow a global network of peacebuilders and environmental stewards. Together, we can create a legacy of hope, unity, and sustainability for generations to come.

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