Planting trees is a concrete deed for the environment. But trees also need care in order for them to survive and grow, like we need to nurture our friendships. World needs peace now more than ever.

With tree planting and care, we work together towards a more green, peaceful and sustainable world. We call schools, NGO's, communities, cities, municipalities and organisations to join us. In every country of the world. Our campaign will start on Earth Day 22 April 2022. We will come together in a 24 hour online event 4-5 June 2022, hosted by Act Now India. The last trees in this first campaign will be planted to celebrate World Environment Day 5 June.

Plant and care for peace 
is not just a single event but a network. Every day is a day for nature and peace. The next big planting and caring event will take place 15 Sep - 2 Oct  2022.

Plant And Care For Peace is an initiative by Mika Vanhanen, Treebuddy Earth Education, in co-operation with Environment Online - ENO and Act Now India



The founder of ENO school network (Environment Online) Mika Vanhanen initiated a tree planting day for peace in 2004, on the international day for peace 21 September. Every year since then, schools in over 150 countries have planted trees for peace. Now Mika volunteers in Treebuddy Earth Education and together with ENO School Network and Act Now India they are uniting their forces and call others to join the mission. Plant and care for peace is for groups, communities and organisations, in addition to schools.



Plant and care for peace is dedicated to a few central causes which we believe are crucial in helping us achieve our goals. As a growing movement, we divide our time and efforts so that we can truly invest in each cause. Read on to learn more.



We need peace and environmental protection in every country.


Together we can do more



Ensuring that All Voices are Heard