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 Two decades ago, on 21st September 2004, the ENO network initiated a tree planting day for peace. As this event has gained momentum during the years,  it became evident that a broader platform was needed to amplify its impact. In the wake of escalating conflicts, including the war in Ukraine, the imperative for a more inclusive movement for peace and environmental stewardship became apparent. Thus, the Plant And Care For Peace movement was born in 2022, an  initiative by Mika Vanhanen, in
co-operation with
Environment Online - ENO  and Act Now India

Plant And Care For Peace is a global initiative dedicated to fostering peace and environmental sustainability through tree planting, community engagement, and the promotion of arts and culture.
It transcends mere tree planting; it embodies the cultivation of humanity and friendship, both locally and globally. We believe in nurturing peace through various forms of art, including music, poetry, and creative expression, as they serve as powerful mediums for fostering understanding and harmony. Additionally, our commitment to environmental protection underscores our dedication to creating a sustainable world where peace and nature coexist in harmony.

We invite everyone to join us and celebrate this tradition: to build bridges between nations and communities by contributing to our goal: to plant trees in every country on Earth. Whether you've been with us from the first sapling or have recently joined, your efforts weave into our global forest. Let's come together, exchange stories of hope, and lay the groundwork for another 20 years of growth and connection.   

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The founder of ENO school network (Environment Online) Mika Vanhanen initiated a tree planting day for peace in 2004, on the international day for peace 21 September. Every year since then, schools in over 150 countries have planted trees for peace. To get a bigger impact, Mika initiated Plant And Care For Peace movement. Together with ENO School Network , Act Now India  and other partners they united their forces and call others to join the mission. Plant and care for peace is for individuals, groups, communities and organisations, in addition to schools.

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We need peace and environmental protection in every country.


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